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Engine 1500 W
Capacity 65 km (steady speed of 40-45 km/h)
40/45 km (in city)
Battery 60V/30Ah Lithium
Battery Weight 17 kg
Time for Charge About 3,5h
Battery Life About 1000 charges
Speed 50 km/h (electric limit)
Slope 20 slope
Brakes Front disc brake - rear drum brake
Wheels Diameter 10-3.0
Weight (included battery) 80 kg


City Power is an electric propulsion scooter for this reason it cannot be compared with traditional motor scooters for speed performance and fuel range, but if it is ridden in the right way it is very similar and do not forget that:

-       It does not pollute

-       It is entertaining because it is swift and silent

-       It is very practical because it can get about in restricted traffic zone

-       It has maintenance cost very low

And that:

-       it does not pay taxes for the first 5 years

-       It has cheaper insurance cost

-       It covers 100 km with 80 cents

-       Several provinces give huge contributions for the purchasing




City Power is equipped with lithium ion-battery and it is the best you can find in this market at accessible prices. If compared with normal lead batteries, a lithium-ion battery:

-       double life (about 1000 charges)

-       Hal f weight (17kg) so it can be easily to take it out if you do not have a garage where charge it

-       Shorter time charge


In order to keep safe the life of the battery, it is important you never discharge completely the battery.

City Power is equipped with a “limiter discharge”, a device that stops the energy flow to an established limit.


Welcome to “City Power world”


A different way to live the city in totally freedom


Statics show that the medium distance run by fuel transportations is 25 km/day. Since the charge capacity of City Power in city is 40/45 km (and 65 km on a plain route steady speed), you do not have problem if you charge it every evening. However if you forget to charge of if you have to drive more than 45km, City Power do not leave walking, it is enough following the below advises to avoid unnecessary efferts.

Advises to drive City Power 

How to get more charge

City Power is equipped with an analogical display showing the quantity of “fuel” still available, it is a voltmeter that indicate the instantaneous consumption. This gives the opportunity to verify in every moment the best relationship performance/capacity, you have just to find the right compromise speed/consumption keeping, if possible, the pointer in the green part or very close to it. In order to do this, City Power has a device (red button on the right): if you click it the speed will decrease and therefore even the consumption, if you click it again you return to normal conditions.

In this way you can drive 40/45 km even in city without charge City Power.

Moreover, remember that turn all the knob does not mean go faster, but often only increase consumption, for this reason it is necessary to find the right compromise decelerating slowly. This little trick, that after a while comes automatically, impoves the performance of City Power.

How to go home when City Power is down

As already said City Power is equipped with a “limiter discharge”, but if you do not follow the above advises you could find in the uncomfortable situation to push it home (or to the closest electric outlet). To avoid it, you must switch on the button under the seat to start again the electrical flow and go on with your trip at slight speed and keeping controlled the pointer does not go in the red part of display or, however, stays far from “L” (low). In this way you can have enough energy to go home (6/10km).

This action must not get into a habit because the limit of discharge is too close and battery suffers.